please watch this. we need to stop bullying. my little brother is the coolest kid i know. and kids are so fucking cruel to him. sometimes he tells me he doesnt want to be here anymore because nobody likes him. i want to go and kick all those kids asses for doing this to my little brother. i raised this kid. hes the only person i would die for. and they are hurting him, its not okay. it kills me that i cant do anything to help him but say “hey keep your head up, i love you” and it pisses me off that kids can just watch it happen and do nothing, and his school just tells him to get over it, and laughs in my parents face when they confront the principal. and i cant even be there to hold him. i want this to end. just because someone is different, doesnt mean we attack them. and i dont know what else i can do, but i will keep trying to stop this. so please watch this and help me. because im tired of watching kids take their lives or want to because of other kids. #bullying #rant #suicide #bullying #video #tothisday #crying #mybrother #ismylife #myfavorite #staystrong